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Jazmin Gonzalez

A Powerful, Stunning and Qwerky Youtuber/Philanthropist from California/America. Her positive outlook on life blended with her social but humble character helped us fall in love with her.

Youtube Channel:



070 Shake

070 Shake is a music artist from New Jersey, America. She is signed to Good Music and without a doubt not only our favorite artist but a Powerful Dominant voice which pushes boundaries in Rap Music as a whole. Her raw, crispy voice cock tailed with her unique style has always been something which has attracted us to her.






Katy Young

An 18 Year Old College student by day.

A Creative, Inspiring, Talented and ALWAYS well dressed woman by night, Katy Young is one of our favorite family members. 

When asked how much work she put's into the art she creates and the clothes she wears Katy replied

"I don't think about it too much, Fashion and Art go hand in hand with every day life. I try not to dress to conform to others standards on what is popular. Instead I ask myself if as a true artist I am being true to myself in everything creative I do"